Coral Springs Counseling for Addiction

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Addiction counseling has three main uses:

  1. It can help you learn how to stay sober while still maintaining your life responsibilities. Being sober is a lifestyle and going away for treatment may not be the best option especially if you are high functioning. High functioning means that you are still able to maintain employment, continue to be involved socially with friends and/or family, no major legal issues related to substance use and internal motivation to change. 
  2. It is for the person who just finished detox, treatment and/or wants to attempt therapy prior to needing to go away for treatment. Addiction counseling can effectively help you eliminate unwanted thoughts and behaviors related to drug and/or alcohol use. 
  3. It is for the person that struggles with urges and cravings to use drugs and/or alcohol. These cravings and urges interfere with daily life in the capacity of obsessive thoughts, impulsive behaviors and ruined relationships. Understanding and practicing prevention for triggers to use can greatly reduce and possibly eliminate chances of relapse. 


If working with a counselor or if attending an addiction treatment center there should be main points highlighted to help you maintain sobriety. Here is a list of topics that should be addressed: 

  • Triggers
  • Coping Skills for Triggers
  • Sober Supports
  • Underlying Mood Issues
  • Core Belief Systems
  • Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Review and Eliminate Old Patterns
  • Communication Skills
  • Improved Interpersonal Skills


If you have read this far I commend you. You are thinking about making a change in your life or helping someone else find the help they need. It is important to find a counselor that specializes in addictions recovery with many years of experience working with those in recovery.